Standing Committees, Work Groups, Action Teams and Task Forces

To ensure our collective voice is strong and effective, EKO relies on the expert advice of its members. As such, we work through a network of Standing Committees and Work Groups.

Standing Committees of the Board of Directors

Standing Committees of the Board of Directors are formally established, either in the bylaws or by a motion of the Board for a specific purpose. Standing Committees are accountable to the Board of Directors, chaired by a Board member and may include membership outside of the Directors.

Current standing committees of the Board of Directors are:

  • Board Development
  • Executive
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Government Relations

Task Forces

At the direction of the Board of Directors, a time limited Task Force may be struck to address issues of importance. Task Forces are required to take their direction from the Board and report to the Board as required. Upon completion of the mandate given, the Task Force is disbanded.

Standing Committees of the Leadership Council

Under the direction of the Leadership Council, Standing Committees are appointed. They are chaired by a member of the Leadership Council and may include representatives from any or all member centres. Depending on the nature of the Committee, EKO may sit as a member.

These committees provide an opportunity to work together to improve the children’s rehabilitation sector in Ontario. Creating value for the industry while providing networking and collaboration opportunities for members.

Current standing committees of the Leadership Council are:

  • Client Information Systems
  • Clinical Services Network
  • Clinical Best Practices
  • Conference Planning Committee
  • Development and Fundraising Network
  • Finance Managers
  • Human Resources Managers
  • Management Best Practices

Work Groups and Action Teams

From time to time, EKO identifies a time limited need for advice or expertise. (Action Teams). Similarly, several members may identify an opportunity to work together on a specific initiative (work groups). Recommendations are reported to the Leadership Council as a whole through a chair.

Current Work Groups and Action Teams are:

  • School Health Review
  • Early Years Program
  • Children with Developmental Disabilities