Guidelines and Terms of Presenting




Before Starting Your Proposal Form

The follow will be among the information requested on the Proposal Form. Please have these ready prior to starting the form:

  • Presentation or poster title (up to 10 words) and a 75-word abstract
    Note: The title and abstract (where applicable will be used in all conference advertising material. Please use clear language to describe the nature of the presentation).
  • Name(s), organization affiliation(s), title(s)/position(s) and 40-word biographies for each presenter
    • 3 learning outcomes of maximum 15 words each
      • Photos of each presenter (high-resolution: 300 dpi, larger than 800 px in either JPEG, EPS or TIFF format)
        • Indicate program topic and target audience
          • Additional A/V or support requirements
            A description of the presentation (max. 500 words for presentations; max 250 words for posters). This is the information used to evaluate your proposal. Please ensure that it is clear and complete.

          Lead Presenter

          One presenter must be identified as the Lead Presenter and any co-presenters must be listed. All correspondence will be sent to the Lead Presenter as well as co-presenter(s) in order to expedite the dissemination of information, however, only the Lead Presenter can make any changes to the session description, or provide supporting documents such as biographies or slides.

          Registering for EKO Conference

          If your submission is accepted, you, and each of your co-presenters, agree to register and pay the Presenter registration fee for participating in the conference – you must register for the full conference, or for the day you are presenting. Based on your acceptance, you will need to register by Thursday October 18, 2018 for the best (discounted) Presenter rate – no other compensation will be provided. Should you, or your co-presenters not register by this date, the Presenter rate will increase after October 18, 2018. It is the responsibility of the Lead Presenter to ensure that any and all co-presenters have registered for the conference. All presenters must be registered by Friday November 9, 2018. Any presenter not registered by this date risks being removed from the conference program.

          Note: All presenters are responsible for their own accommodation, travel, printing of any handouts or any additional costs associated with their participation at the conference.

          Notification of Acceptance

          All presenters will be notified regarding the inclusion of their session in the conference program, on or before Monday July 23, 2018. If you do not hear from us by this date, please reach out to Presenters who have been accepted will be required to confirm their acceptance by email to

          Presentation Formats

          The EKO Conference provides opportunity to present in either a presentation or poster format.  The planning committee is looking to develop a program that provides a cross section of content that is current, evidence-based, practical, applicable and balanced.  

          Presentation Format

          Presentations are 60 or 120 minutes in length. Slots will be assigned based on proposals submitted. All sessions should leave at least 10 minutes at the end for questions and answers. Options for presentations include single speaker, panel of speakers, discussions and debates.
          We encourage individuals submitting proposals to consider ways to keep the audience engaged by breaking up the presentations with time for discussion, activity and/or questions. Panels should not consist of more than three speakers and one moderator (four participants in total).

          Poster Format

          Poster presentations will be on display throughout the Conference. Designated attended poster sessions will be scheduled during the Conference. Presenters must be in attendance at their poster during the designated attended session.
          Posters should be printed on good quality presentation media, not larger than 60″ x 42″. Poster mounting stands will be provided.

          A/V Requirements

          Each room will have available a podium, podium mic, wired Internet connectivity, screen, LCD projector, Mac adapter, connection to the sound system and a flipchart. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP if you need one for your session. All audio-visual equipment must be ordered in advance. Please specify the audio-visual equipment that you will need for your presentation.

          Room Set-Up

          The standard set-up for presentation at the EKO Conference is theatre style.

          Conference Program

          The preliminary program will be posted to the conference website – / – by Friday, September 7, 2018. It is the responsibility of the Lead Presenter to check the accuracy of the information regarding their session. Please note that EKO reserves the right to edit abstracts, titles and biographies to ensure that the information fits the program template and is consistent with our style guide. Only the Lead Presenter may request changes or edits to the preliminary program by sending your request to The final opportunity to provide edits will be Friday, October 26, 2018. Though every effort will be made to accommodate changes and edits, EKO will not be responsible for any errors and omissions.

          Adding a Co-Presenter

          If at any time you wish to change or add a co-presenter(s), the Lead Presenter must send a request to along with the contact information, biography and photo of any proposed new co-presenter(s), no later than Friday, October 26, 2018. If the change occurs after this date, there are no guarantees that the change will appear in the final program. As a courtesy, if you are no longer able to present, please send notification to as soon as possible so that others on the waiting list can be notified and have the chance to prepare.

          Session Attendance

          Delegates are required to pre-register for any sessions – however delegates are not bound by this and can opt to attend any session on-site. Therefore, we can give you some idea of numbers expected in your session but will not be able to give you exact numbers.

          Presentations and Handouts

          Delegates highly value receiving copies of presentations, either hard copies on-site, or electronically.  All presenters are REQUIRED to submit handouts in electronic format for their presentations by November 9, 2018. Handouts will be posted to the EKO website before the Conference to allow registered delegates to download the handouts they will need at the Conference.  Should handouts not be available by this date presenters will responsible for providing their own handout materials.  

          We respectfully request that all presenters (including poster presenters) provide an electronic copy of their material for posting on the Members Only section of the EKO website following the conference, if they were not submitted in advance. Materials should be submitted by December 14, 2018

          Submission Evaluation Criteria

          The written description will be the basis for selecting the proposal that will be presented. All evaluations will be based on the following criteria: Fits within one of the identified topics - 

          • Relevance in the Children’s Rehabilitation Sector.
          • Concept(s) and practice(s) are innovative, leading edge, and meet criteria for best practice.
          • Concept(s) and practice(s) are practical and useful to participants in their respective practices, or of particular interest to the target audience.

          In addition, proposals will be selected to ensure a varied program.

          Summary of EKO Conference Presenter Deadlines

          • Friday June 8, 2018: Last day to submit your proposal – there will be no exceptions
          • Monday July 23, 2018: You will be contacted by EKO by this date regarding the acceptance of your proposal
          • Friday September 7, 2018: Preliminary program posted at for your review
          • Thursday October 18, 2018: Last day to register at the best Presenter rate
          • Friday October 26, 2018: Last day to provide any changes to session descriptions or presenter information
          • Friday November 9, 2018: Last day for presenters to register for conference
          • Friday November 9, 2018: Submit your presentation/handouts for posting online
          • Friday December 14, 2018: Submit an electronic version of your poster presentation for posting online

          Should you have any additional questions regarding your submission or presentation, please contact:

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          Learning Objectives:
          Please provide three learning objectives i.e. what participants will gain as a result if participating in this session. Maximum 15-words per objective