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Tribute Awards

Tribute Awards
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Tribute Awards

The OACRS Tribute Awards recognizes individuals and/or organizations who have made a significant contribution to furthering the interests of OACRS and its members and/or the children and families served.

All nominations are confidential. Only one recipient will be selected for each award. All nominees will receive an honourable mention. The award will only be presented if warranted.

OACRS reserves the right to award in categories other than that nominated if, during the review process, it appears that the nomination better meets the criteria of another category.

OACRS will notify successful nominees and make arrangements for presentation of the award at the OACRS Conference to be held in Toronto, in November each year. OACRS will not be responsible for travel costs.

The decisions of the OACRS Board of Directors will be considered final.

2013 Leadership Award

OACRS is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2013 Leadership Award is Patricia Baldwin.

Over a decade ago, as a result of her interest in supporting the self-determination of youth with disabilities, Patricia Baldwin began a journey that would lead to one of the most fundamental shifts in how therapists approach their work with clients at Thames Valley Children’s Centre.

She is a champion of the relationship-centred practice service delivery model referred to as Solution-Focused Coaching. Solution-Focused Coaching (SFC) is an evidence-based model which focuses on a strengths based, collaborative, and goal-oriented approach when working with children and youth with disabilities and the key adults in their lives. Patricia introduced, trained and then embedded the use of Solution-Focused Coaching in the clinical work provided by over 300 staff.

To date, Patricia has provided SFC training to 6 other OACRS organizations and 9 service agencies. She embodies the qualities associated with leadership and coaching. Here style has been described as being first and foremost by example, she what she teaches as every good leader should.

Patricia is considered an active part of the OACRS community, presenting at conferences and building awareness.

2013 Award Of Excellence

OACRS is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 Award of Excellence are Linda Kenny and Caroline Stone.

When Linda became the CEO of OACRS, it was the first time that there would be a full-time CEO lead the provincial association. Linda brought to OACRS a passion for social justice, extremely well honed skills in government relations and a very solid knowledge of and experience in the world of disability.
She brought a focused clarity of our role as a provincial advocate and that as an association we needed to push for a truly integrated system of services and engage with appropriate ministries.
She energized us as a sector and pushed us to think differently about how to work with government and to always focus on engaging with ALL parts- both political and bureaucratic. She got us beyond the thinking of "what's good for us as CTCs and a sector" to positioning us as an association to frame all that we do in terms of what's best for kids and families.
Linda has brought us, to a new level of understanding how best to engage government at both the political and civil servants level. She has introduced the Tribute Awards and ensures every CTC feels like an active part of being a member of OACRS.
As the CEO of OACRS, she was incredibly passionate about all things OACRS, brought a high level of energy, a great sense of humor and a drive for excellence that allowed us to soar as a provincial assoication.
Caroline, although her preference is to really 'work behind the scenes', was thrust into the OACRS limelight when she agreed to take over as the incoming Chair of OACRS.
Caroline has been on the OACRS Board, representing OCTC, for 7 years, steadily encouraging, pushing and inspiring the Board to become a more sound governance body, putting in place more rigorous policies and practices that align with best practices of board accountability and transparency.

It probably took an individual whose professional training was as a corporate lawyer to really move the Board forward. Caroline's daughter, Shannon has been her inspiration for the past 19 years. As she advocated for Shannon, she also realized the need to advocate on a provincial level, the real gift Caroline has brought to the Board and OACRS. She is grounded in personal experience and is able to take that experience and merge it with professional training, an ability to see the 'bigger picture. 
In her understated but incredibly persuasive manner, she is able to link her experiences to what parents celebrate and struggle with day-to-day in raising a child with special needs and speak passionately about how CTCs and OACRS are essential to the service system in raising the bar to help every child reach his or her potential.
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